Work Packages

The CloudLightning Project is composed of eight work packages. Each work package is composed of a number of relevant tasks and associated deliverables and milestones. The work packages are described below. Click a work package to read its description and primary objectives.

WP1 deals with the management and governance of the project. It is led by the project coordinator, Prof John Morrison (UCC).

The objectives of this work package are:

  • To ensure progress the efficient control of the overall working plan and monitor its proper implementation
  • To manage the correct distribution of the European Commission (EC) contribution
  • To ensure timely submission of agreed project deliverables, as well as the timely completion of project milestones
  • To enforce the Consortium Agreement signed by all partners
  • To interface between the consortium and the EC, providing it with periodical financial and technical reports and ensuring the appropriate level of coordination between the consortium and the EC
  • To ensure transparency and effectiveness in the communication between the partners by linking together the project components, enhancing communication, and supporting the circulation of relevant information
  • To organise periodic meetings to monitor the progress of the project, enabling consortium members and external stakeholders to be aware of the overall progress, while ensuring a collaborative environment to enable the consortium to make informed and effective decisions
  • To execute a quality plan and perform risk analysis, design and carry out self-assessment activities on a periodic basis, and activate contingency plans as needed
  • To ensure the respect of gender, legal, and ethical issues in all elements of the project.