Oil and Gas Exploration

The oil and gas industry make use of compute-intensive simulations. For example, NTNU has worked with leading members of the oil and gas industry on a Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE) for simulating the flow and transport of fluids in porous media and support the implementation of methods like Finite Elements, Finite Volumes, Finite Differences and Open Porous Media.

Problem Statement

Currently these simulations are done in-house on large dedicated clusters, and yet not fully taking advantage of accelerators such as GPUs and MICs. These processes and simulations typically have not been operated in the cloud because of (a) data security, (b) data movement and (c) poor performance. At the same time, on-site in-house HPC resources are often inadequate due to the `bursty` nature of processes where peak demand often exceeds compute resources.

Proposed Solution and Impact

CloudLightning seeks to address challenges and objections related to poor performance by using self-organising self-managing cloud infrastructure to harness larger compute resources efficiently to deliver more complex physics simulations. Our focus is to demonstrate that CloudLightning can deliver an energy and cost efficient OPM/DUNE simulations.

As well as supporting greater cloud adoption for HPC in the oil and gas sector, the development of a convenient scalable cloud solution in this space can reduce the risk and costs of dry exploratory wells.