Use Case Applications

The CloudLightning Project will create innovation potential for European companies in these sectors. Competitive advantage will be enhanced through increased access to cost-efficient heterogeneous resources, driving down the cost of data processing. Furthermore, the availability of large scale on-demand processing via heterogeneous computing resources will allow companies who consume these outputs to improve their research and operational capabilities.

CloudLightning will implement three use cases: Genomics, Oil & Gas Exploration and Ray Tracing.

Two of these were solicited directly from our industry partners, with the third resulting from collaboration between one of our academic partners (NTNU) and industry.



CloudLightning will develop heterogeneous computing technologies to optimise performance, power and cost of genome sequence alignment.


Oil and Gas

Deliver energy and cost efficient, scalable heterogenous solutions for complex OPM/DUNE simulations.


Ray Tracing

Heterogeneous clouds to enable services based on tracing applications to extend the impact beyond the animation sector.