Adrian Spătaru

Junior Researcher
Computer Science


Adrian Spătaru is currently a second year Master’s student in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing at West University of Timisoara and a Junior Researcher at Institute e-Austria Timisoara. He received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from West University of Timisoara in 2014.
Adrian’s current research topics include but are not limited to distributed systems, artificial intelligence and their integration. During the last two years he gained experience in Cloud Computing, related to orchestration, deployment and provisioning.

Adrian participated in research projects starting with FP7 SCAPE (related to scalable digital preservation environments), FP7 SPECS (Security as a Service in cloud computing), and is now focusing on H2020 CloudLightning.

Adrian was awarded an IBM BSRE Certificate in 2014, also being present 4 years in a row (2012-2015) at ACM ICPC SEERC (South-Eastern-European leg at the collegiate programming contest) in Bucharest.