Prof. George A. Gravvanis received a B.Sc. with Joint Honours in Science from Salford University (1982, Manchester, UK), M.Sc in Numerical Analysis from Brunel University (1984, London, UK), Ptychion in Mathematics from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1986, Athens, Greece) and a PhD in Computational Science from Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business (1992, Athens, Greeece).

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PhD student

Christos Papadopoulos is a PhD student in Democritus University of Thrace from October 2010. He holds a B.Eng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH). His research interests include high performance computing, scientific computing, parallel systems, grid/cloud computing and numerical methods for sparse linear systems.

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Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was established in July 1973 by Legislative Decree No. 87 of 27 July 1973, and started functioning in the academic year 1974-1975. Named “Democritus” in honor of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, who hailed from the town of Abdera in Thrace.
The University is currently operating seven Faculties and eighteen Departments in four cities of Thrace – seven in Komotini, five in Xanthi, four in Alexandroupolis and two in Orestiada. Overall attending more than 15,000 students. Relying on the quality of teaching and research level, has secured a place among the best Greek Universities. As a University, DUTH is a Public Entity with complete autonomy. Supervised and funded by the State through the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1975 and was the second Department to be founded in the Engineering Faculty located at Xanthi. The Divisions of the Department are the following:

  • Power Systems
  • Electronics and Information Systems Technology
  • Telecommunications and Space Science
  • Software and Application Development and
  • Physics and Applied Mathematics.

In the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering there exists a fully organized Postgraduate Studies Program since the academic year 1994-95 leading to a Doctorate Degree. Additionally as of 2000-2001 a Master’s Degree postgraduate program was provided. Moreover, the ECE department has participated in many research projects, attracting more than 320 such grants from Greek and non-Greek resources including European funded projects.

Each year at maximum 250 students enroll the undergraduate program for the Diploma of Engineering. The Master of Engineering admits at maximum 30 students, while at maximum 30 students are accepted for Doctorate Degree program per year.

The ECE department presents intense research activity with more than 120 journals, 150 conference papers and around 2000 citations per two year period.


The Advanced Scientific Computing Applied Mathematics and Applications (ASC-AMA) research group is internationally recognised for its competence in the field of applied mathematics and scientific computing with application as well as high performance computing and computational sciences along with grid computing, which is an interdisciplinary- multidisciplinary research area. The research work has a wide range of applicability with various architectural platforms, such as multi-core, distributed and massively parallel environments. The long experience gained in the field of applied mathematics and informatics including modelling and simulation will significantly contribute to the realization of the research challenges of the agenda of this proposal.


Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) will participate in multiple work packages of the project as a research partner. The tasks include the architecture and evaluation phase and the infrastructure support. Moreover, DUTH will participate in the resource modelling, delivery model integration and cloud simulation framework. Dissemination activities will include publishing novelty relevant to the project in international journals and conferences.