Prof. Anne Elster @University of Texas at San Antonia

Prof. Anne Elster, Professor of HPC, NTNU, gave a talk at University of Texas at San Antonia on May 3rd. She presented the main ideas behind CloudLightning – self-organisation and self-management that shifts the deployment and optimisation effort from the consumer to the software stack running on the cloud infrastructure.

Prof Anne Elster @UTSA

Prof. Anne Elster @UTSA

Prof. Elster’s research group is responsible for the oil and gas use case and risk management as well as the overall test-bed that includes a novel Numascale SMP with GPUs, a small GPU cluster, an Intel Phi system as well as a Maxeler FPGA-based system. The oil and gas use case is also done in collaborations with Statoil and the OPM (Open Porous Media) project.

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