10 HPC Accounts You Should Be Following on Twitter

All of us who are involved within the HPC and supercomputing industry realise that it’s a rapidly expanding and changing industry. In order to keep up to date with the latest HPC trends, insights and news we recommended keep an eye on the following Twitter accounts:

1. inside HPC


insideHPC.com is known to many due to their hugely popular HPC blog which has been running for the last ten years. Their Twitter account is constantly updated with news and expert opinions and it’s one the go to Twitter accounts for the members of our team.

2. HPC and Supercomputing


HPC and Supecomputing offers live content curated by top High Performance Computing & Supercomputing Influencers.

3. ThisWeekinHPC


ThisWeekinHPC is a weekly HPC podcast by Addison Snell and Michael Feldman of Intersect360Research. This podcast is something which all of us involved within HPC should listen to regularly. Their podcasts are perfectly suited to ones busy lifestyle and ingrained in many of our teams weekly schedules.

4. HPCwire


HPCwire has a number of expert journalists with the inside scope on many of the breaking HPC stories. Their Twitter feed is awash with top quality information from across the world of HPC.

5. Andrew Jones


Andrew Jones has a great deal of experience within the HPC industry and he often shares his expert views on Twitter. An influential character within the HPC industry and its well worth keeping up to date with his account.

6. HPC Guru


This account tweets on everything HPC related from systems to storage information. Shares a great deal of relevant information a number times each day.

7. SC16


Although the Supercomputing Conference doesn’t take place until November we would strongly advise keeping up to date with the various news in the run up to the conference.

8. Women in HPC

@Women in HPC

Through collaboration and networking, WHPC strives to bring together women in HPC and technical computing while encouraging women to engage in outreach activities and improve the visibility of inspirational role models. Keep up to date with the various project they are involved in by following their Twitter account.

9. SCW Magazine

@SCW Magazine

The official Twitter feed of Scientific Computing World Magazine, they cover a huge amount from such as; information laboratory and statistical science, high-performance computing, and modelling and engineering.

10. HPC Advisory Council

@HPC Advisory Council

The HPC Advisory Council’s mission is to provide expertise and other resources that facilitate broader usage of HPC systems in government, education, industry, there account is well worth keeping up to date with.

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