The best HPC news blogs to follow

In the recent years HPC has consistently grown in importance due to the continued advancements in the sector. These continued breakthroughs in capabilities of the software need somewhere to be expressed. Therefore, here are the best independent HPC news blogs to keep you right up to date with everything happening in the industry.

HPC WireHPC wire

Described as the number one for news and information resource, they cover the fastest computers in the world and the people who run them. This news blog comes attached with a legacy of world class editorial and top journalism. Therefore, it has become the choice for science, technology and business professional interested in high performance and data-intensive computing. The topics covered range from late-breaking news and emerging technologies in HPC, to new trends, expert analysis, and exclusive features; HPCwire delivers it all and remains the HPC communities most reliable and trusted resource.

Inside HPCInside HPC

A prominent HPC blog which covers the latest news and events in the world of HPC. Their trademark is finding the news for you so you don’t have to and presenting it in bite-sized nuggets of helpfulness as a resource for supercomputing professionals.



HPC in the Cloud

HPC in the Cloud

Interestingly this blog is a sister blog to the famous HPC wire, this blog is designed to concentrate on covering high-end cloud computing in science, industry and the data centre. It’s a good source of news, ideas, and inspiration if you have an interest in combining HPC and Cloud.



The Register HPCThe Register HPC

They provide independent news, views, opinions and reviews on the latest in the IT industry. It is located around the world allowing the blog to bring HPC news and opinion worldwide. Their specially designed website and layout make finding stories a joy.



HPC NotesHPC Notes

This is an independent blog ran by an active member of the international supercomputing community. The author has he credentials being involved with High Performance Computing (HPC) for 20 years, including being a research user of HPC, a software developer, and HPC service management. This experience spreads the breadth of HPC, supercomputing, and e-infrastructure. Therefore, this blog is a perfect opportunity to read the latest news from an independent source on all the lasts happenings in the industry.

Info WorldInfo World

This is an independent source, where technology decision makers and business leaders go to seek an expert review and in depth analysis of a section. The unique insight drawn from the professional experience of a core group of thought leaders allows for this independent review.

This is backed up through the exclusive network of journalists and technologists the blog uses producing a special mix of opinion, feature articles, and enterprise product reviews, helping tech professionals transform their infrastructures, accelerate application development, and establish technology leadership. The blog is best known for its identification of early tech trends including HPC, however it is not HPC exclusive but technology broad.

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