Service Description Format

Deliverable 5.1.1. – Service Description Format for CloudLightning – is available for download. It surveys the state-of-the-art in Service Description Languages; it is focused on their implementation frameworks and illustrates the problem of overlapping management concerns.

A suitable existing implementation framework is chosen, namely Brooklyn, which is modified to form the Service Orchestration and Lifecycle management component of the CloudLightning architecture. This component in conjunction with the CloudLightning Self-Organizing and Self-Management component is used to find an optimal set of resources for the entire collection of interacting services in an application Blueprint.

A mechanism for exploiting the OpenStack Heat component is presented which allows CloudLightning to manage the resources associated with a Blueprint independently of the Service Lifecycle Management being performed by Brooklyn, thus realizing the goal of separating application management and resource management. A language for describing CloudLightning Blueprints is presented and illustrated using one of the CloudLightning use cases.


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