Concertation Meeting of H2020 Projects from Unit “Cloud and Software”

The CloudWATCH2 project is hosting a “DG CONNECT Unit E2 Cloud and Software” Concertation meeting held in conjunction with the Net Futures 2017 conference, in Brussels, on 28th June (9:30 – 13:00).

The Concertation meeting will give visibility to all projects through a series of break-out sessions chaired by the EC-Clusters which will look at priorities and opportunities for collaboration on technical and standardisation issues. Participants will also hone in on exploitation strategies to showcase best practices on how projects can map technology readiness levels to market readiness levels in line with exploitation plans or plans for commercial viability of project outputs.

The meeting will start with a session on cloud market where the attendees will set the scene for a resilient cloud market and discuss the value of services that lead to greater trust and uptake of cloud. It will continue with the EC clusters break-out sessions and a market and technology readiness levels workshop that will aim to bring together selected EC funded projects that have already compiled a service offering as part of their intended legacy, and will end soon, with SMEs that are looking for innovations that are or soon will be ready to be brought to the market. It will end with a plenary session on cluster priorities & future steps.

Full agenda is available here. To register your place, please click “Register Now”. 

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