Local Decision Strategies

Deliverable 4.2.1. Local Decision Strategies was released today. It introduces a novel framework for self-organisation and self-management in hierarchical architectures. It shows how this framework can be mapped onto the CloudLightning architecture, designed in Deliverable D3.1.2, and thus it addresses the hosting and execution of self-organising and self-managing strategies associated with each of the various levels in the CloudLightning hierarchy. It describes how the effects of these strategies are communicated to, and are assimilated by, the surrounding environments and how the objectives of these strategies are affected by feedback emanating from those environments.

To concretely investigate a number of self-management and the self-organisation strategies, proposed as part of this deliverable, a dedicated simulator was developed to model the execution of these strategies.

To model the expected characteristic behaviour of the CloudLightning resources, a number of example characteristic functions, modelling power management, service delivery and exploitation of heterogeneous hardware were created and incorporated into the simulation. The resulting investigation demonstrates how the CloudLightning architecture reconfigures, through the process of self-organisation, to achieve dynamic stasis in balancing the tendency towards a global goal with the physical constraints captured by these specific characteristic functions.


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