Gateway Service

Deliverable D5.2.1 – Gateway Service – is now available for download. The Gateway Service is a front-facing component of the CloudLightning system, abstracting the inner workings of the backend components. Gateway Service builds on the components developed in previous work packages and creates the link with current and future work. One core functionalities of the Gateway Service is to provide an easy to use user interface for the Enterprise Application Developers (EAD). Besides it provides a work ow and an enabling process for Blueprint development. Besides user interfacing it also sends requests for resource options capable of running the Blueprint, receives resource deployment option(s), presents options to the EAD and ultimately enables the EAD to select and deploy the Blueprint on the chosen resources automatically. All the inner workings and connections with other components follow from the CloudLightning Architecture, Service Description Language and the API’s deliverables.

CloudLightning Gateway Service

CloudLightning Gateway Service

This deliverable details the implementation of the Gateway Service that acts as the bridge between the self-organising self-managing system (the SOSM system) and the outside world. The Gateway Service provides a web service endpoint that allows consumers to submit service descriptions to the back-end system. When a request for resources in the form of a unresourced application Blueprint is submitted, the Gateway Service triggers the self-organisation subsystem and asks for resource offers. Once the self-organisation invocation is complete, the Gateway Service gathers and alters the resulting resources and creates a ready to be deployed Blueprint that can be deployed.

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