Free Online Course on HPC in the Cloud

The CloudLightning project is pleased to announce the launch of a free open online course “High Performance Computing in the Cloud”, developed in collaboration with the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce and Dublin City University.

The course will be hosted on FutureLearn, a social learning platform founded in 2012 and funded by The Open University. It offers over 5 million learners with free online courses from world-leading UK and international universities, centres of research excellence and specialist education providers like the British Council, Creative Skillset and European Space Agency.

High Performance Computing in the Cloud

The course on high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud provides an advanced, graduate-level introduction to using cloud computing for high performance computing workloads. It will cover a wide range of topics from cloud architecture and infrastructure supporting HPC to the business opportunities that are enabled by HPC in the cloud.

The course is designed to be relevant to anyone with an interest in HPC in the cloud, and those who complete it can expect to be able to:

  • Discuss the range of activities associated with High Performance Computing and with Cloud Computing
  • Describe the differences in ethos between HPC and Cloud
  • Describe how the HPC and Cloud design spaces can be merged
  • Identify the challenges of supporting high performance hardware in the cloud
  • Report on how the cloud is evolving to become heterogeneous
  • Explain the challenges associated with Resource Management at scale
  • Discuss various techniques for Service Orchestration in the cloud
  • Reflect on the advantages of using self-organization for Resource Management at scale
  • Reflect on how successfully HPC workloads are being supported in the cloud

The first run of the course will begin on 29th January 2018. The learners can enroll now here or register their interest for the next run.

The course will be delivered by the CloudLightning consortium, a group of European academics in computer science from universities in Ireland, the UK, Greece, Romania, and Norway with real-world examples from industry leaders.

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