Exposing HPC Services in the Cloud

We are pleased to announce that a CloudLightning paper written by our partners from IeAT has been accepted by the Journal of Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience.

Title: Exposing HPC Services in the Cloud: The CloudLightning Approach

Authors: Ioan Dragan, Teodor-Florin Fortis and Marian Neagul

Abstract: Nowadays we are noticing important changes in the way HPC providers are dealing with the demand. The growing requirements of modern data- and compute-intensive applications ask for new models for their development, deployment and execution. New approaches related with Big Data, peta- and exascale computing are going to dramatically change the design, development and exploitation of highly demanding applications, such as the HPC ones. Due to the increased complexity of these applications and their outstanding requirements which cannot be supported by the classical centralised cloud models, novel approaches, inspired by autonomic computing, are investigated as an alternative. In this paper, we offer an overview of such an approach, undertaken by the CloudLightning initiative. In this context, a novel cloud delivery model that offers the capabilities to describe and deliver dynamic and tailored services is being considered. This new delivery model, based on a self-organising and self-managing approach, will allow provisioning and delivery of coalitions of heterogeneous cloud resources, built on top of the resources hosted by a cloud service provider.


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