D4.4.1. Service Deployment and Management

D4.4.1. Service Deployment and Management is available for download below. This deliverable largely represents an integration activity, drawing together activities of the Gateway Service and the SOSM system. These activities centre around Application Lifecycle Management and Resource Lifecycle Management, respectively. The Separation of Concerns philosophy adopted in the CloudLightning (CL) approach implies that these activities are independent. However, each requires some feedback information from the system to function effectively. This feedback is provided by the Telemetry and Monitoring system, which is a major contribution of this Task. Thus, appropriate information from this system needs to be passed to both the Service Lifecycle Management and Resource Management components to enable their efficient operation, while maintaining their mutual independence.

The design of an appropriate telemetry and monitoring system for CL is not a trivial task, given the heterogeneous nature of the CL resources. It requires the creation of custom plug-ins to capture appropriate performance metrics from each of these resource types and to present them in a manner that can be readily consumed by the service Lifecycle management systems.

This deliverable presents an integrated telemetry and monitoring system design and its implementation procedures for CL project. The proposed system is able to collect, process, store and distribute the CL resource metrics among other systems which are requiring telemetry data in a flexible and scalable manner.


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