Concertation Plan

The Concertation Plan for CloudLightning has been released today. The plan will ensure that the project’s activities are well orchestrated with similar initiatives worldwide and will encompass specific activities in connection with other EU projects. Concertation with project stakeholders will be aimed to offer a self-organising and self- managing approach to the challenges facing the European cloud computing and high performance computing industries and to attract stakeholder communities and involve them in CloudLightning activities. Cloud service providers and industry consortia representing such providers will be specifically targeted to ensure the widest impact for the project results.

This document is concerned with:

  • Identification of concertation aims and priorities to help focus the efforts of the consortium as a whole.
  • Identification and definition of target audience in line with the project dissemination plan including decision makers and influencers in key stakeholder organisations with a specific emphasis on the project’s initial application domains – genomics, oil and gas exploration and ray tracing (3D image rendering).
  • Identification of potential collaborators in the form of EU projects and initiatives and the expected benefits and outcomes from such collaboration.
  • Identification of events for participation to further CloudLightning’s concertation agenda.


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