CloudWatch Summit 2017

On September 20, CloudLightning took part in CloudWATCH Summit 2017 in Amsterdam. CloudWATCH Summit 2017 was a unique conference organised by CloudWatchHub. It brought policymakers, SMEs and start-ups together to understand how cloud computing could be an enabler of innovation, growth and jobs in the Digital Single Market.

During the one day event, the attendees heard from pioneering SMEs, industry leaders and policy experts on how the European cloud computing market will be shaped in Europe over the next 3 years.

Dr. Huanhuan Xiong represented CloudLightning at the event. She showcased the CloudLightning poster at the poster session where it was displayed along with other H2020 projects, such as COLA, CLARUS, CloudSocket, PrEstoCloud, RECAP, SWITCH, SUNFISH and many more.

For more information about the event and to download presentation slides, please visit the CloudWatchHub website.

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