CloudLightning Service Offer

Last week, CloudWATCH published a Cloud and Software Service Offer Catalogue. It provided EC-funded Research and Innovation projects the opportunity to showcase their results and objectives to a wide community of potential users. The catalogue hosts over 70 service offers which highlight the cutting-edge solutions that projects are developing and which can improve the lives of European SMEs and public administrations. You can find the CloudLightning Service Offer in the catalogue on page 7 or read it below:

The CloudLightning system is a new way of provisioning heterogeneous cloud resources to deliver cloud services. It provides cloud service providers with an energy-efficient, scalable architecture for managing their cloud infrastructures and through the separation of concerns, makes this architecture more accessible to their customers.

Who is CloudLightning designed for?

Tier 1 hyperscale cloud service providers and operators of data centers for cloud services.

How will CloudLightning benefit end-users?

CloudLightning aims to address the problems surrounding cloud infrastructure management, service specification, and access to and provisioning of cloud resources faced by both consumers and providers of cloud services. Currently, from a cloud service provider perspective, cloud service delivery models typically rely on over-provisioning to guarantee quality of service and accommodate unpredictable peaks in demand. CloudLightning resource management can help increase output capacity by up to 80%, without changing the server’s energy consumption. Moreover, by using heterogeneous processing resources energy consumption can be further decreased and time to solution can be shortened. This saves time, energy and ultimately costs both for the provider and consumer. On the other hand, when Cloud consumers interface with their chosen cloud service provider, they are tasked with the provisioning, configuring and optimisation of resources to meet their requirements. This requires a commensurate level of IT expertise and knowledge of the provider’s infrastructure.

How can CloudLightning improve efficiency and security?

The self-organising, self-managing principles used by CloudLightning provide consumers with a user-friendly service level interface to explicitly declare their requirements for service delivery. They can do this by specifying their exact workflow, dataset and time deadline. Through the assembly of dynamic resource coalitions, the self-organising and self-managing system automatically and intelligently locates the required resources and chooses the most appropriate configuration to deliver that service, while respecting both the user-level SLA and the business objectives of the cloud provider. Cloud service providers can enjoy energy-efficient, scalable management of their cloud infrastructures and better overall utilisation of service. CloudLightning’s general in-service description language is not only easy to implement, but means that the service configuration presented by the self-organising, self-managing system will always be within the constraints of the service provider’s resources thereby providing optimal resource allocation and energy consumption. The coalition formation and service deployment processes negate the need to grant users access to manually configure their service description, thus providing an additional layer of security to the provider. CloudLightning benefits service providers with the freedom to use its resources optimally and frees the consumer of the need and expertise required to configure cloud service delivery.

Cloud Characteristics:
  • Board Network access
  • Massive scale
  • On-demand self-service
  • Rapid elasticity
  • Resource pooling

Download the CloudWATCH Service Offer Catalogue

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