CloudLightning Mid-Term Review – Brussels, Belgium

On the 20th September 2016, the CloudLightning Mid-Term Review meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium.

As part of the evaluation process all CloudLightning work package leaders presented the progress of the project:

  • WP1 – Management and Coordination – David Kenny (UCC)
  • WP2 – Use Cases and Testbed – Prof. Georgi Gaydadjiev (MAX)
  • WP3 – Architecture, Integration and Evaluation – Prof. John Morrison and Dr Huanhuan Xiong (UCC)
  • WP4 – Self-organisation and Self-management – Prof. John Morrison and Dr Gabriel González Castañé (UCC)
  • WP5 – Service Description Language and Gateway Service – Dr Marian Neagul (IeAT)
  • WP6 – Support for Heterogeneous Resource Type – Prof. Anne Elster (NTNU)
  • WP7 – Large Scale Simulation – Dr Konstantinos Giannoutakis (CERTH)
  • WP8 – Exploitation and Dissemination – Prof. Theo Lynn (DCU)

The external project reviewers, Dr. Antonis Ramfos, Dr. Diego López-de-Ipiña González-de-Artaza and Prof. Laura Ricci, as well as the project officer, Maria Tsakali, attended the meeting.

The evaluators were very pleased with the project’s progress and concluded that it has achieved most of its objectives and shown excellent progress in relation to the Description of Work.

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