CloudLightning @ NC4 2017

The CloudLightning project hosted its first conference in DCU Business School on Tuesday, 11 April. More than 60 academics and industry professionals attended the four-session event to gain insights into HPC, cloud, heterogeneous computing, large scale simulation and scientific computing.

Session 1 – High Performance Infrastructures For Public Sector Research

Session 1 featured talks on high performance, large-scale and supercomputing infrastructures and solutions that support industry and public sector R&D and how these can help to deliver innovation at scale:

  • Brian Boyle (HEANet) – The Past, Present and (Possible) Future of Ireland’s National Education and Research Network
  • Khalid Hasanov (IBM) – Towards Consumable Exascale Computing – The AllScale Approach
  • Alison Kennedy (Hartree Centre) – Supercomputing and Cloud – Competitors Or Collaborators?

Session 2 – Heterogeneous Computing

Session 2 focussed on the heterogeneous computing and the features, performance, challenges and benefits of heterogeneity in HPC and cloud architectures:

  • Prof, Dieter Kranzlmueller (LMU Munich) – Is Heterogeneity a solution to the HPC dilemma?
  • Dr. Ravi Manumachu (UCD) – Data-Parallel Applications On Multicore And Manycore Platforms – New Challenges and Novel Solutions
  • Dr. Giulio Gambardella (Xilinx) – Finn: A Framework For Reduced Precision Neural Networks On FPGAs

Session 4 – HPC In The Cloud Use Cases

Session 4 featured research and ideas on HPC applications that have successfully migrated to the cloud or could potentially be migrated to the cloud, including challenges faced and successful deployments. This session featured speakers from Intel, new HPC start-up vScaler, and Democritus University of Thrace (Greece):

  • Dr. Surya Narayanan Natarjan (Intel) – Utility Aware Placement Of HPC Workloads In Heterogeneous Infrastructure Cloud
  • David Power (vScaler) – OpenStack For Scientific Research
  • Dr. Christos Papadopoulos (DUTH) – HPC In The Cloud: Scientific Computations And Simulation

Session 5 – Next Generation Resource Management

Session 5 featured presentations on the complexities surrounding resource heterogeneity in large-scale cloud deployments and hyperscale environments. Topics include resource management for heterogeneity and at scale addressing energy efficiency, resource provisioning and utilisation efficiency, cost efficiencies and QoS and SLA compliance:

  • Prof. John Morrison (UCC) – Self-Organisation As A Cloud Resource Management Strategy
  • Dr. Anthony Ventresque (UCD) – Multi-Objective Virtual Machine Reassignment For Large Scale Data Centres
  • Dr. Konstantinos Giannoutakis (CERTH) – Simulation of Heterogeneous Cloud Infrastructures
  • Dr. Kostas Katrinis (IBM) – Vertically Architecting Ultimate Resource Utilization For Cloud And HPC

The complete conference programme and presentations are available to view on Selected recordings of the presentations will be made available on the website shortly.

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