CloudLightning Project

 CloudLightning proposes a new way of provisioning heterogeneous cloud resources to deliver services, specified by the user, using a bespoke service description language. Due to the evolving complexity of modern heterogeneous clouds, we propose to build our system based on principles of self-management and self-organisation.

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Use Cases

CloudLightning’s initial use cases are aimed at HPC solutions in the cloud across three domains. Use case applications will be developed to demonstrate the benefits of the declarative approach to provisioning heterogeneous resources in a self-organised cloud environment.

Genome Processing

CloudLightning will develop heterogeneous computing technologies to optimise performance, power and cost of genome sequence alignment.

Oil and Gas Exploration

Deliver energy and cost efficient, scalable heterogeneous solutions for Hi-Res RTM imaging and complex OPM/DUNE simulations.


Heterogeneous clouds to enable services based on tracing applications to extend the impact beyond the animation sector.

Consortium Partners 

CloudLightning’s Consortium Partners comprise of academic institutions, technology pioneers and research centres from five EU countries. Click on a partner to view its profile.

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